TDS Notices

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Tax deducted at source(TDS)

TDS demand notice could be sent for any one of the following defaults:

  • Short payment
  • Short deduction
  • Interest on payments default under section 201(1A)
  • Interest on short payment
  • Interest on late payment
  • Additional late payment interest
  • Interest on deduction default under section 201(1A)
  • Interest on short deduction
  • Interest on late deduction
  • Additional late deduction interest
  • Short payment on account of late filing fee
  • Additional late filing levy
  • Interest under section 220(2)

Short Payment:
Possible Reasons:
• Mismatch in challan details as per deductor and as per OLTAS
• Challan is overbooked
• Actual Short payment

Short Deduction:
• Difference in rate(As per income tax act and rate at which deducted)
• No PAN / wrong PAN is provided & TDS not deducted at higher rate
• In case of lower deduction(u/s 197), no TDS certificate has been mentioned

Interest on payment defaults
Types of Interest:
• Interest on Short Payment:
• Interest on Late Payment
• Additional Late Payment interest

Late Filing Fee u/s 234E
• Late Filing Levy: Arise when Filing of TDS return is not made within due date
• Additional Late Filing Levy

Interest u/s 220(2)
Deductor does not pay the demand payable as intimated in the intimation letter / Demand Notice.

Interest on Deduction defaults
• Interest on Short deduction
• Interest on Late deduction
• Additional Late deduction interest

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