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Tax deducted at source(TDS) is a mechanism through which person who are responsible for making payment required to deduct tax at the rate depending upon nature of payment. After deduction, tax is required to be remitted to government on or before due date by quoting their TAN number. If deductor has not applied for TAN, iNext can help you in obtaining TAN. Due to diversified nature of business, scope of TDS base has also been increased which need to be complied strictly. Out of all payments, popular payments on which TDS is required to be deducted are salary, Commission/Brokerage, Professional/Technical, Contract services, Rent etc.

In todays era, businessman want to focus on their core business to get competitive edge in international markets. But legal compliance also be on utmost priority.

iNext would delighted to help you for filing of TDS return if you provide this opprtunity to us. We have rich experience in this field. You can focus on your core activities by outsourcing your filing of TDS return to us.

  1. Deduct TDS at specified rate depending upon nature of payment
  2. Remitt the amount of tax deducted to government on or before due date

TDS return is a quarterly statement which is required to be submitted to Income tax department. It contains information of :
• Deductor
• Authorised Person
• Particulars of Payment and deductee details
• Details of Challan of TDS Payment”

• Details of Deductor & Authorised person(one time)
• Copy of Challan
• Particulars of Deductees

• 24Q : Used for non-salary deduction
• 24Q : Used for deduction on salary
• 27Q : Used for deductions on payment made to NRI citizens
• 27EQ: Used for Tax collected at source”

• We will send a reminder on email and mobile for due date of filing as delay in filing will attract late filing levy on per day basis.
• After receiving complete data from you, we will file the return.
• We will mail the acknowledgement of TDS return.
• We store your data for the future reference.
• After processing of return we will request for TDS certificate(Form 16/16A) and mail you as it will get available.
To provide a better and faster service with less human intervention. We have automated our work in following manner:
• Import data from Excel and TDS files after arranging it in required formats
• Verification of TAN and PAN to avoid any additional TDS laibility due to wrong PAN of deductees.
• Oltas import of challan to check the accuracy of challan information
• Automatically calculate TDS on the basis of payment made and nature of business
• Submission of FVU file at TIN facilitation centre.
• Generation of Form 16/16A with just one click.
In addition of this, we have a great customer support through which you can resolve your queries.
• Our prices are very reasonable in comparison to market price



  • TAN Registration for business organizations (Inclusive of any Government fees / charges)


  • TAN Registration along with 1 year TDS Return filing (per type of Return)


  • TAN Registration along with 1 year TDS Return filing (all types of Return)

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